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Thread: The Rules

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    The Rules

    Here's the rules. They're fairly simple, but we reserve the right to modify them at any point in time, to better serve our members.

    We're here to game and have fun. Anyone can be a member that is of legal age. We won't tolerate harassment of members, their playing style, excessive cursing, derogatory or discriminatory comments, or anything else along these lines. Our members will vary from those in school, to those that are retired. Respect of each other and each others ability and gameplay is paramount.

    This is also about common sense. There are those that will let loose with a cuss word during the middle of gameplay. Or crack a joke.

    We're also about policing ourselves. Meaning that we also rely on each other to tell each other when we might be getting a bit out of hand.

    Non-contributing members, those members which are here simply to cause strife or troll threads, will be removed.

    No discussions of modding, hacks, bots, or anything else that's illegal or questionable. This isn't a hacking site, and we're not about mods/hacks/glitches. Ask a mod if there's a question as to whether something is appropriate or not.

    You also must have a valid gamertag listed in your profile, since this is a gaming forum, and about gaming with others.

    That's about it, this is about using your head, and treating others the way you want to be treated.

    Oh, and no spamming/promoting of other sites, products, etc., without prior staff approval.

    A burger, a beer, a pound of fries, and some gambling. Every day should be that way.

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