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Thread: How Do I Join You Clan? (or, I Want To Join Your Clan)

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    How Do I Join You Clan? (or, I Want To Join Your Clan)

    Well, we had a post/thread somewhere about this, and apparently it got lost. Apologies.

    First, you need to register and make an introductory post. Then check out our Welcome thread. It explains who we are, what we do, what we stand for, and other things. Here's the quick link to the thread; viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1
    We don't want to just game with randoms, we'd like to know who you are or why you're here. If you've been gaming with a few of us already, have them nominate you, or let us know who they are.

    If, after you've read the thread, you think you'd be a good fit, the next step is to toss out a friend request or two, and get into some games with a few of us. The best way we can determine if someone is a good fit with us, and vise-versa, is to game with them. WE WILL NOT JUST INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR ELITE CLAN SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU ASKED - YOU WILL NOT GET INVITED INTO THE CLAN UNTIL YOU'VE GAMED WITH SOME OF US. We find people that suddenly want to join, about the time that we have earned double XP, and we're not cool with users/abusers. Many of our members work their arse off in Clan Ops to rank us up and get us double XP.

    Again, we're about community, about getting on and gaming with each other, playing the objective, having fun with the game, and so on. We're NOT about k/d, killwhoring, or spawn trapping.

    I should probably add that this thread is for the Xbox side of Elite - the PS3 side may do things a little different.



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    Re: How Do I Join You Clan? (or, I Want To Join Your Clan)

    Same should go for the ps3 side as well, we are going to have a talk when we get to level 40 and see if anyone has played with some of these guys. We have been accepting pretty much any premium member lately since we have trouble getting people to do clan ops, but most of them have played with us. Some of the non-premiums may just be joining for the 2xp, titles. emblems.... A lot of people apply to the clan and say something like "I played with vthokie2008 and he said I should join". I hate to deny it and it be true, but hate to accept for them to have just been in the same lobby so maybe members should try and let us know that they played with someone who was cool and they would like for them to join on elite....

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